About Erika "Big Red" Stowall

Erika “Big Red” Stowall is an aspiring dance artist and teacher residing in Detroit, MI. Native to Detroit, MI; Red started dancing at the age of 4 in the styles of African and Caribbean. She continued her training in jazz and tap at the age of 8 and started ballet and modern /contemporary at the age of 10. Her passion for dance grew throughout her teens and she was given many¬¨‚Ćopportunities to enhance her technical ability, with summer intensive at Alvin Ailey and performances throughout Michigan and other states.After graduating from Martin Luther King High School (DPS) and being trained under the retired dance teacher, Deborah Kirkland, Red attended University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She performed pieces choreographed by Doug Varone, Leyya Tawil, Robin Wilson (mentor), Jessica Fogel, Vera Embree, Bill Deyoung, Amy Chavasse and many others. After graduating from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Red took a backseat to performing and started teaching at a charter school in Detroit, MI. Now, after two year of being an educator, Red has returned to performing and choreographing many works around the Detroit area.

Red’s vision is to start her own dance company in Detroit and expand her career as an educator and an artist.