16 March 2014

Injured Dancer

Today is March 16th and I have been on the struggle bus for the past 16 days. It is interesting to me, that I happened to fall and partially tear my AC joint on the first of the month. The 1st day of a new show I was performing at (Janky Productions), the 1st day moving into my new studio apartment and the 1st day of promotion of my show! I am feeling progressively but patient has never been my strong suit. I need to make moves, without a sling, because time doesn’t wait for anyone. I’m starting new adventures, investments and opportunity. With this arms, I’m the leader on the struggle bus. I need it to pull over and let me off. The injured life is NOT for me.

As you were,


About The Author

Erika "Big Red" Stowall is a choreographer and performer from Detroit, MI. Currently she serves as Artistic Director of Big Red Danke productions, and teaches at various locations in the Metro-Detroit area. Her current dance companies are Big Red Wall and Red Pumps.