06 May 2016

Red’s Letter Weekly-The problem with doing it all

Last week, I ignored my planner and didn’t check it hourly. Due to my multiple projects and more space in my brain for choreography then anything else, I missed an obligation. Does this happen to me often. Never! I maybe late, but I have never not shown up. What cause this slip up? Why must I check my schedule daily? Who is to blame for this mistake? All the answers point to ME. I caused the slip up by trying to do everything myself. I must check my schedule hourly to make sure I am where I need to be when I am scheduled to be there. The mistake is mines for not being open and honest with myself. I can’t do it. I can’t be everywhere. I am not a superhero, and it’s ok.

The hard part is telling myself, It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to pull back and take care of home. It’s ok to be human. I have people throwing themselves at me to help. I keep on taking on all these task afraid something won’t get done or done right. I feel guilt asking for help and not being able to pay people for their time. If someone is willing to help, let them. Let them take the weight off of your shoulders. If they can’t come through, don’t use them again. However, don’t take it personal. Realize they tried and it wasn’t for them. Even give them a chance to redeem themselves. The struggle with doing everything is not giving one thing your 100%.

About The Author

Erika "Big Red" Stowall is a choreographer and performer from Detroit, MI. Currently she serves as Artistic Director of Big Red Danke productions, and teaches at various locations in the Metro-Detroit area. Her current dance companies are Big Red Wall and Red Pumps.