16 December 2014

Responsibilities v Dream

Day 5:

Growing up, I saw what happened when you postponed real life to live like you’re invincible. For this reason has make me very hesitant to fully pursuit my dreams. At the end of the day, I have always taken care of myself. I rarely asks for help/need it. The saying around my family is “We never worried about Erika, she’s do fine.” That’s what everybody believes and does. For the most part my mom calls to harass me about being alive, but everyone else thinks I’m living this responsible life.They also think I have a hidden stash of money. Unless I hid it real good, there is no stash to be found. I am living the struggling artist life. I will explain to you the difference between starving and struggling later. What I need to do is find a middle ground. I need to have a nice little blanket where I don’t feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, or….maybe…..I need to jump…….

About The Author

Erika "Big Red" Stowall is a choreographer and performer from Detroit, MI. Currently she serves as Artistic Director of Big Red Danke productions, and teaches at various locations in the Metro-Detroit area. Her current dance companies are Big Red Wall and Red Pumps.