17 December 2014

Struggling v Starving

Day 6:

So, I discovered about 2 years ago I wasn’t a ‘starving’ artist, but a ‘struggling’ artist. The reason being, I wasn’t spending every waking moment pursuing my dream. I have a full-time career, which I love, bills I can pay, and adventures I can afford. I’m struggling because my fear of starving is greater than my beliefs in trying. I need to be determined and dive in, head first. Starving artist go out there with no plan and fight for their dream, struggling is either almost there or hasn’t tried yet. I need to be committed to this art utopia which is happening here in Detroit. No one deserves it more than me and I should have a piece of it, like everyone else. It’s upsetting when the only person who is stopping you, is you. I have the strength, I have the resources, I have the talent but I’m missing the mindset. I adore the starving artist, because they are fearless. I need to be fearless too.

About The Author

Erika "Big Red" Stowall is a choreographer and performer from Detroit, MI. Currently she serves as Artistic Director of Big Red Danke productions, and teaches at various locations in the Metro-Detroit area. Her current dance companies are Big Red Wall and Red Pumps.